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Calculus Haikus and Limericks

Limericks and haikus written by my calculus students

I offered my calculus students bonus points to write a limerick or haiku on their final exam. I got some great answers! And the students seem to enjoy it. My favorite limerick (on improper integrals):

An integral has bounds from zero to one
You finish the problem and think you are done
Then your mind double checks
The equation is one over x
And the improper integral has a different sum

My favorite haiku gives the formula for integration by parts:

Int of mu dv:
Equal to mu v minus
Int of v d mu

Here are some other good ones:

Doing Integrals…
Oh How I shall miss thee,
Calc! Goodbye, It’s been real?

Calculus is hard
Derivative and limit
¡Yo no se hombre!

MacLaurin Series
is an infinite series
Centered at zero

Calculus is great
I’m sure I’ll use this in life
Or maybe I won’t

Studying ’til 5
And almost sleeping thru test
Was a real bad call

Finding integrals
Is used to find area
Underneath the curve

Calc is fun to do
If you like to integrate
x from a to b

Calculus two, sigh
Why must you torment me so?
I thought we were friends

F of e to x
Derived is e to the x
Lone function like it

I like calculus
The feeling is mutual
But not all the time

Integrals are fun
u-sub can be tricky… yes!
Don’t forget plus C

Calculus is hard
Eight A.M. is too early
Had a good time though

The ratio test:
If the limit equals one
Use another test

Does this series telescope?
For my sake, I truly hope
Comparisons are icky,
Integrals make me sickly,
Turns out the answer is nope. :-(

Here are a few from when I taught at UVA:

An integral is
A derivative reversed
Don’t forget constants!

Thanks to L’Hopital
We can use derivatives
to find a limit!

Find the area,
Between the two stated curves,
Using integrals.

Natural log of Zero,
does not exist, but
Ln of 1 doesn’t

Calculus is great
But only if taught by
Tim At U of V.A.

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