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Goodnight Zoom

A parody of the children's book "Goodnight Moon" for the modern tech worker.

In the great #general room
There was idle chatter
And a red build
And a gif of-
The cow jumping over the moon

And there were three little interns sitting with mentors
And two little commits
And a backlog of tickets
And a little blocker
And a fresh Docker
And a PM and a DM and a glass full of beer
And a loud young salesman who was typing @here

Goodnight Slack room
Goodnight Zoom
Goodnight manager hopping on Zoom
Goodnight Jira
And the red build
Goodnight interns
Goodnight mentors
Goodnight AWS
And goodnight Bash

Goodnight PMs
And goodnight DMs
Goodnight little blocker
And goodnight Docker
Goodnight commits
And goodnight tickets
Goodnight TypeError: null is not an object
Goodnight project
And a loud young salesman who was typing “@here”

Goodnight Github stars
Goodnight asserts
Good night pager duty alerts

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