Logistic Regression Rules Everything Around Me

Link to Fred Benenson recap on his 6 years of data science at Kickstarter.

Fred Benenson spent 6 years doing data science at Kickstarter. When he left last year, he wrote a fantastic recap of his experience.

His “list of things I’ve discovered over the years” is particularly good. Here are a few of the things that resonated with me:

  • The more you can work with someone to help refine their question the easier it will be to answer
  • Conducting a randomized controlled experiment via an A/B test is always better than analyzing historical data
  • Metrics are crucial to the story a company tells itself; it is essential to honestly and rigorously define them
  • Good experimental design is difficult; don't allow a great testing framework to let you get lazy with it
  • Data science (A/B testing, etc.) can help you how to optimize for a particular outcome, but it will never tell you which particular outcome to optimize for
  • Always seek to record and attain data in its rawest form, whether you're instrumenting something yourself or retrieving it from an API
  • I highly recommend reading the whole post.

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