Mentions of John Cook on Github

People mention John Cook’s blog a lot in Github repos.

I scraped the Github search pages to try to figure out which of his pages are most mentioned. His post Accurately computing running variance gets many more mentions than any other post. It provides C++ code for Knuth’s algorithm for computing the mean, sample variance, and standard deviation for a stream of data.

Here are top 12 pages from his site most linked in Github:

  1. Accurately computing running variance (377 mentions)
  2. Stand-alone code for numerical computing (58 mentions)
  3. A Bayesian view of Amazon Resellers (52 mentions)
  4. (47 mentions)
  5. Computing the distance between two locations on Earth from coordinates (44 mentions)
  6. Math.h in POSIX, ISO, and Visual Studio (38 mentions)
  7. Three algorithms for converting color to grayscale (26 mentions)
  8. (21 mentions)
  9. Computing skewness and kurtosis in one pass (20 mentions)
  10. What’s so hard about finding a hypotenuse? (19 mentions)
  11. Random number generation in C++ (19 mentions)
  12. R language for programmers (19 mentions)
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