Links for August 30, 2014

Ggplot2 To Ggvis: I’m a huge fan of ggplot2 for data visualization in R. Here’s a brief tutorial for ggplot2 users to learn ggvis for generating interactive plots in R using the grammar of graphics.

From zero to storm cluster for scikit-learn classification | Daniel Rodriguez: This is a very cool, if brief, blog post on using streamparse, my company’s open source wrapper for Apache Storm, and scikit-learn, my favorite machine learning library, to do machine learning on data streams.

Pythonic means idiomatic and tasteful: My boss Andrew recently shared an old blogpost he wrote on what it means for code to be Pythonic; I think he’s right on track.

Pythonic isn’t just idiomatic Python — it’s tasteful Python. It’s less an objective property of code, more a compliment bestowed onto especially nice Python code.

git workflow: In my ever continuing attempt to be able to run my entire life from Alfred, I recently installed this workflow that makes git repositories on my computer easily searchable.

Alfred-Workflow: Speaking of Alfred, here’s a handy Python library that makes it easy to write your own (if you’re a Python programmer).

Squashing commits with rebase: Turns out you can use git rebase to clean up your commits before you push them to a remote repository. This can be a great way to make the commits your team sees more meaningful; don’t abuse it.

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