Links for January 19, 2015

Matt Blodgett: But Where Do People Work in This Office?: “After looking through tons of cool office photos of many of the hottest companies in the Valley, I started to play a fun game I made up called ‘spot the desks’. I’ll show you what I mean.”

Why We (Still) Believe in Private Offices: Joel Spolsky and Fog Creek Software have been relentless defenders of quite, private offices for developers. They continue that here.

Pandoctor: An Alfred GUI for Pandoc: If you use Pandoc and Alfred, this is worth trying.

Alfred Hop: I use a little bash tool called Hop to bookmark frequently used directories. I made this tool to give me quick access to my bookmarks from Alfred.

Discover Flask: Flask, the lightweight Python framework, is a joy to use. Here’s a nice introduction to it.

Introduction to dplyr: I haven’t used R much since leaving my last job, but the ecosystem has been booming with great tools; dplyr is one of them.

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