Links for March 13, 2015

Dynamically Update a Plot in IPython: One thing I miss about Mathematica is Animate and Manipulate. IPython is slowing getting similar functionality. Here’s how to dynamically update a plot.

Jiahao’s IPython Notebook customizations: Drop this CSS file on your machine, and suddenly your IPython notebooks look quite beautiful!

Duet Display: I tried Air Display a few years ago, and it wasn’t worth the hassle. But Duet Display is a fantastic way to turn your iPad into an external display.

Creating publication-quality figures with Matplotlib: Plotting in Python frustrates me to no end. But here’s a nice tutorial on creating nice figures in with Matplotlib.

retrying 1.3.3 : Python Package Index: Python decorators “to simplify the task of adding retry behavior to just about anything.” These work like a charm!

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