Links for September 10, 2014

textract: textract is a Python module and a command line tool for text extraction from many file formats. It cleverly pulls together many libraries into a consistent API.

Flask Kit: I’ve been reading a lot about Flask (the Python web server) lately. Flask Kit is a little tool to give some structure to new Flask projects.

cookiecutter: I was looking for this recently, but it I couldn’t find it. “A command-line utility that creates projects from cookiecutters (project templates). E.g. Python package projects, jQuery plugin projects.” There’s even a Flask template!

Over 50? You Probably Prefer Negative Stories About Young People: A research paper from a few years ago show that older people prefer to read negative news about young people. “In fact, older readers who chose to read negative stories about young individuals actually get a small boost in their self-esteem.”

Episode 564: The Signature: The fantastic Planet Money podcast explains why signatures are meaningless in a modern age. My scribbles have become even worse since listening to this.

github-selfies: Here’s a Chrome and Firefox extension that allows you to quickly embed gif selfies in Github posts. Caution: may lead to improved team morale.

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