Links for September 30, 2014

Hammock: A lightweight wrapper around the Python requests module to convert REST APIs into “dead simple programmatic APIs”. It’s a clever idea. I’ll have to play around with it before I can come up with a firm opinion.

pipsi: Pipsi wraps pip and virtualenv to allow you to install Python command line utilities without polluting your global environment.

Writing a Command-Line Tool in Python: Speaking of Python command line utilities, here’s a little post from Vincent Driessen on writing them.

Iterables vs. Iterators vs. Generators: Vincent has been on a roll lately. He also wrote this “little pocket reference on iterables, iterators and generators” in Python.

Design for Continuous Experimentation: Talk and Slides: I didn’t watch the lecture, but Dan McKinley’s slides on web experimentation are excellent.

Apache Spark: A Delight for Developers: I’ve been playing with PySpark lately, and it really is fun.

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